Frequently asked questions and answers


Who we are?

Wiltex Sp. z.o. is a company located in Wysogotowo, near Poznan. As a wholesaler, we import clothing, footwear, accessories and household items and then export our products to countries throughout Europe.

What do we specialise in?

We specialise in trading premium brands including clothing, footwear and accessories of all kinds. This product comes from consumer returns from current collections. In addition, Wiltex s.c. deals with warehouse stocks and all kinds of new clothing from surplus stocks. The third pillar of the company is second-hand clothing. Currently we cooperate with many companies with which we have entered into contractual agreements. They are our loyal partners and reliable sources of high quality branded articles.

Why should you cooperate with Wiltex?

We are not middlemen, instead all goods offered are available in our warehouse and are our property. We offer good quality and a wide range of products. Due to our large storage capacity we always have enough products. We invite all interested parties to take a look at the products and assortments in our company premises.

How much do our items cost?

Prices of our products vary depending on the assortment, product quality and size of the order. The company makes prices of all products available on the website and on the Facebook fanpage. If you wish to order a larger quantity of goods prices are determined personally.

Is it possible to see product?

At our company headquarters, the customer has the opportunity to see the contents of each assortment. Each package of clothing can be viewed in its entirety to get a full picture of what you are about to buy.

Do we send the goods?

We send the goods through a courier company. The shipping cost is given with each order.